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Google Drive Latest Version Offline Setup Download for Windows PC

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 5 Sep 2019

Download Google Drive to store your all personal files, images, documents in the secure cloud storage and also backup your data from your smartphone and PC to the cloud store easily. Google Drive latest version official standalone setup download link for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating system has been shared on this page. Now you can download the legal offline version of G…


Dropbox Latest Version Offline Setup Download for Windows 32/64 bit

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 4 Sep 2019

Dropbox is another popular cloud-based file storage as well as file sharing platform which allows you to store and access your files using a smartphone or a computer with an active internet connection. Since can access Dropbox through a web browser, but it is more convenient and secure to access it through Dropbox application. Dropbox application is available to download for different platforms l…


BlueStacks 2019 Latest Offline Setup Download for Windows 7, 10

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 23 Aug 2019

BlueStacks is a software used to run .APK files or Android Apps on a Windows PC. BlueStacks is the first program of its kind, which allows you to play or your favorite mobile games on a PC. Using BlueStacks,  you can download any of your favorite games like PUBG Mobile, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga or any other android apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter Android, etc on your PC.  BlueStacks is a…


LibreOffice 2019 Latest Version Free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 20 Aug 2019

LibreOffice is one of the most powerful free office suites for word processing, creating and editing spreadsheets, presentations, etc. It is an open-source office suite application available for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. It is also available for Mac and Linux operating systems. It is a power-packed office package to unleash your creativity and enhance your pr…


Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable All Versions Offline Installer Download - x86 and x64

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 26 Jul 2019

The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages are Microsoft developed applications, that use to install runtime  components of Visual C++ Libraries on a computer. These runtime libraries are required by Windows OS to run those applications, which are created or developed with  Visual C++. Now, y ou can download those all  Visual C++  Redistributable packages here as I'm sharing the official fu…


Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 Offline Setup Download x86 / x64

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 24 Jul 2019

The Microsoft has released Visual C++ Redistributable package 2019 for Visual Studio version 16. The runtime  library  includes by  Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 are required  the applications created using Visual Studio 16, 2019.  You can direct  download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 x86 and x64   standalone offline installer  for Windows 10, 8 and 7 using the below links.  To start the do…


.Net Framework All Version Offline Installer Setup Official Download Links

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 21 Jul 2019

In this post, We are sharing the links to do wnload . NET all version offline installer setups and you can directly download your required version of Microsoft .NET Framework from the official site through these links. Microsoft .NET Framework is a programming framework used to create or develop applications by the developers. it is a programming infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, dep…


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 Offline Installer Direct Download

Microsoft .NET Framework (also called MS .NET or .NET Framework) is a programming framework developed by Microsoft. It is a programming infrastructure for building, deploying, and running the latest applications, web servers, and services that use .NET technologies. MS .NET made it easy to create or develop applications by the developers. This software mainly runs on Microsoft Windows. The link t…


Adobe Reader DC 2019 Offline Installer Download for Windows 10/7/XP

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 7 Jul 2019

The latest version offline installer of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019 edition has been released by Adobe. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC free for windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP and for Mac OS. This full version offline installer will let you install Adobe Reader latest version on your PC and Smartphone. These download links are obtained from Adobe Reader official site. Adobe Acrobat reader …


VLC Media Player latest Version 3.0.7 Download for Windows 7, 10

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 8 Jun 2019

VLC is one of the best free media player software for Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac OS. The official download links of VLC latest version are easily accessible through this page so that you can download VLC media player directly from the VLC official site for your PC and smartphone. VLC Media Player is an open-source multimedia player that supports almost all types of audio and video file formats as …


Download Free Offline PDF to Image Converter for Windows 10, 7, XP

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 30 May 2019

The offline software to convert PDF files to image format is here. Weenysoft Free PDF to Image Converter is a free application that lets you convert your PDF files into different image formats like PEG, WMF, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and Bitmap. It is a very essential software for PC as we often need to convert our PDF files to picture format. You can download this o ffline PDF to Image Converter developed …


Internet Explorer 11.0 Full Offline Installer Download Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 15 May 2019

Internet Explorer 11.0 is one of the world's most popular Web browser provided by Microsoft. It is one of the most used PC web browsers in the world. Internet Explorer 11 is faster and more secure compared to the previous versions of Internet Explorer. A minimal and simple user interface, excellent security features, better privacy, and faster page load makes this modern web browser one of th…


Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full Offline Installer for Windows/Mac

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 21 Apr 2019

There is no need to introduce this award-winning graphics editing software again because everybody knows it for its sophisticated features and characteristics. Adobe ® Photoshop ® is the leading software in the field of graphics editing across the World. The official links to download Adobe Photoshop CS6 extended edition v13.0 full offline installer for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac is here. This installe…


Adobe Flash player ActiveX 2019 Full Standalone Installer Download

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 15 Apr 2019

Adobe Flash Player ActiveX is one of the very essential software for our computer and smartphone. It helps us to run various applications which are created on the  Adobe Flash platform.  Flash Player ActiveX 2019 full version download links are available here and you can download it for your PC. We are are sharing the official links to download the latest standalone installer of Adobe Flash Player…


Download Mozilla Firefox Quantum Offline Installer for Windows 32/64 bit, Mac

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 10 Apr 2019

Mozilla Firefox or Firefox is one of the top competitors in the field of the modern web browser. It is quite popular worldwide among internet users because it has some very essential features like  simple user interface, loads faster than the other modern web browsers, add-on library, easily customizable and many more. On November 14, 2017, Mozilla Firefox released the upgraded version (Version 57.…


PDF-XChange Editor Free Download Full Version for Windows 32/64 bit

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 7 Apr 2019

PDF-XChange Editor is a multi-purpose free PDF reading and editing software. This application provides many useful features so that you can also use it as a PDF editor. Here in this page, you can download the latest version of  PDF-XChange Editor full setup for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system from the official source. This is one of the best free PDF reader …


Download Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Full Offline Installer Official Link

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 6 Apr 2019

Windows Service pack is an important update for Windows OS to provide stability and security to the system and it also improves Windows performance by filling up the security holes and fixing bugs of the Operating System. Service Packs also contains all the previously released updates for Windows OS. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)  KB976932 full version offline installer setup (32 and 64 bit) down…


Adobe PageMaker Download Latest Version for Windows 7 XP 64/32 bit

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 29 Mar 2019

Adobe PageMaker by Adobe is one of the oldest but still a popular professional Desk Top Publishing software that allows you to create all kinds of documents, designing layouts, customizing covers, magazines, posters, envelopes, invoices, etc very easily. Here in this page, you can download the final version of Adobe PageMaker full installer. It supports and available for Windows 7, Vista and Wind…


Download Google Chrome 2019 Latest Version for All OS: Version 73

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 23 Mar 2019

The latest version of the 2019 edition of the most popular web browser is here. Download Google Chrome 2019 latest version full offline installer setup for Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP, (32 bit, 64 bit) Mac, Android Smartphone and other supported OS. Download Chrome latest version today to experience the most secure and reliable internet browsing, online shopping, net banking, downloading files, …


Mozilla Firefox 52 Offline Installer Download for Windows XP 32/64

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 12 Mar 2019

If you are searching for an older version of Mozilla Firefox browser for your computers that runs on Windows XP OS, then you've come to the right place as we are sharing the official links to download the full version offline installers of old Mozilla Firefox  (version 52) that available Windows XP. You can you use these offline setup files to install Firefox web browser on Windows XP 32-bit a…