Download 10 small but essential software for PC to make it powerful

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 12 Apr 2019

Your computer is useless, unless it has some effective and necessary software installed in addition to the operating system. Without the external software, your pc is like a plane without wings. Because it can start but it cannot fly up in the sky. So, without apps, your PC is only a useless box. A computer required different apps or programs or software for the different purpose. Most of the apps are designed for specific tasks. Also, their capabilities are not same.  Therefore, you need to install different software to perform different work. I have already written about some very important free software for PC in a previous post and also provided their download links. These programs are very essential for a PC. Today, I'm going to share some small but very important and powerful free utility software for PC, that can make your computer absolutely useful and capable to do any task quickly. These lightweight programs have many alternatives but compared to their size and characteristics, these apps are worth using. On the other hand, a small and lightweight software consumes less system resource than a big and heavy software and they load quickly and run faster than a big application. In this post, I will also share the links to download these apps easily. Let's read the full post and download the application you need.

Download Small but essential software for PC
Small but essential software for PC
Image Source: Pixabay
  • Convert unit converter for Windows:

Convert for Windows App
Are you facing trouble to covert one unit to another? Now there is no need to worry. This tiny little converter software can convert any unit of measure to another instantly. This is a must-have software for PC. 'Convert' is a very lightweight unit converter app for Windows developed by Joshua F. Madison. The Convert supports measurements related to these subjects: Energy, Force, Flow, Mass, Power, Flow, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume, Volume-dry, Amount of Substance, Acceleration, Angle, Area, Computer, Concentration, Custom, Density, and Distance. This App can run on all versions of Windows including Windows 95 to Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit). This software is free for personal and commercial use.

Software Name: Convert for Windows
Developer: Joshua F. Madison
Version: 4.10
Size: 153 KB
OS Supports: Windows OS
License: Free

  • Image to PDF Converter: 

Image to PDF or formerly known as JPEGtoPDF is another very useful application used to convert image files like JPEG, PNG to PDF file. This lightweight PDF converter is very powerful and can convert single and multiple images to PDF with no time intervening. This also a freeware and it is developed by Jesse Yeager for Windows Operating System

Details of the software:

Name: 'Image To PDF or XPS' or 'JPEGtoPDF' 

Developer: Jesse Yeager
Category: Utility App
File Type: EXE
Size: 121 KB 
Version: 4.0

Download The "Image To PDF or XPS" image to PDF converter software from below link:
Download Image to PDF here 

  • Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder:
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder Download
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder
Have you ever forgot the product key of your installed application? Have you lost the product key? Don't worry and just use "Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder" to retrieve your product key from your computer registry. It is a freeware application for Windows. This app is very useful to retrieve the CD key of a software from the computer registry.

Details of the software:

Name: 'Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder' 
Developer: Magical Jelly Bean
Category: Utility App
File Type: EXE
Size: 900 KB 
Version: 2.0.10

  • CPU Z:

CPU Z Window

This tiny software is enough to view all the information related to the major hardware components like processor, memory type, timings of your computer. CPU Z is a free system hardware monitoring utility for Windows PC (also available for Android). CPU Z is used to detect information about the computer processor, motherboard, memory, cache memory, graphics cards such as processor name, brand, the mainboard manufacturer, model chipset, memory type, size and many more. 

Developer: Franck Delattre/CPUID
Version: 1.86.0
License: Free
Size: 1.76 MB
Download CPU Z 

  • Slim PDF: The smallest PDF Reader App

Slim PDF Reader Download
Slim PDF Reader
A very small but useful free application to read and view PDF files. The Slim PDF is also one of the smallest PDF reader software (only 1.43 MB) and also capable of reading, viewing, printing PDF files. It has some other useful features like rotate, go to a specific page, skip to the last/first sheet or adjust zoom values etc.

  • 7 Zip File Archiver:
7 Zip
A file archiver software is used to either make a compressed archive or decompress an archived file. Archive files are easy to transfer over email and also to store safely. 7 Zip one of the best free file archiver applications for Windows. It is a very powerful file compression software and it can compress  1 GB files to just 20MB or less (only applicable for some selected file formats like .doc, .xlsx, .txt etc ).

Download 7 Zip

  • USB Disk Security:
Download USB Disk Security

Removable media such as USB drives, memory cards, and portable hard drives are a major way of transmitting viruses, malware, Trojan Horses from one computer to another. And there is no need to explain how dangerous a computer virus is for a computer. Whenever you connect an infected USB drive to your computer, the virus lives in the drive has automatically spread into PC. Therefore, using a USB security in your PC is very important. The USB Disk Security is a free and effective program that helps prevent the transmission of such dangerous viruses through any removable media like pen drive, memory card etc. This is a small security program that can detect and eliminate any dangerous programs hidden within a USB drive.

Download USB Disk Security
Version: 6.6.0
Size: 8.4 MB
Developer: Zbshareware Lab
License: Freeware
Category: Security
  • Slim Browser

Slim Browser Download
You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox web browser as your favorite one. But if you are searching for a smaller and lightweight Web browser, then use Slim Browser. It is a free internet browser for PC developed by FlashPeak
Read more and download Slim Browser.

These tiny utility programs are fully free for personal use. These apps are also very useful to carry out some daily tasks. Download and install these small but most useful software and boost the power of your computer. 


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