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Posted by Free Files 365 on: 4 Oct 2018

The Internet browser or the web browser is one of the most important and must-have applications for our personal computer (PC), through which we can access websites and view those websites on our PC or Smart Phone. All our online activities like searching any content, send email, chatting, online shopping, banking, read the news or watch online videos etc are done by using a browser. There are many popular web browsers available in the market. Some common and popular Web Browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Seamonkey, Slim Browser etc. In this post, I am going to share some of the best internet browsers for PCs and providing the official offline installer download link for these browsers.
Best Web browser for PC

Google Chrome: Download the simple, secure, and faster web browser.
Google Chrome Latest version offline installer
In these days, one of the most common and widely used internet browsers is Google Chrome by Google. It is also called the fastest and safest web browser in the field of the web browser. Due to the simple user interface and fast browsing speed, it is very popular among internet users. It has some cool features like easy bookmark syncing, tabbed browsing, incognito browsing etc. Incognito browsing mode allows us to browse the internet safely without storing our browsing data, history, download history, cookies etc on a computer. Google Chrome also has a large number of free useful extensions and add-ons for its users. (Read more about Google Chrome and download the latest version).

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla FireFox is another versatile web browser with a simple user interface. Like Google Chrome, Firefox also has some rich features like a powerful search engine, a simple and clean user interface, Smooth scrolling, tabbed-browsing, pop-up blocking, free add-ons etc. 

Download Mozilla FireFox latest version Standalone Offline Installer for Windows 7 and Windows 10 from the below link.

Opera for PC (Latest Version):
Opera web browser for PC
This Chromium search engine based web browser is another most popular browser after Google Chrome and Firefox. Opera is a cross-platform free internet browser available for different devices and Operating Systems such as Windows PC, Mac devices, Linux power devices, Android phones, and Tablets etc. It is a feature packed browser with a simple interface.  Instant Search, My flow, Snapshot, Speed dial, Bookmarks, History etc are some very useful features and facility provided by Opera.
Download Opera Web Browser latest version for PC and Smartphone from the below link and read more about Opera.


Internet Explorer (Version 11.0):

Internet Explorer 11 Download
Internet Explorer 11
Another most popular web browser is  Internet Explorer offered by Microsoft. Once, it was considered as the safest and reliable web browser in the world. "Tabbed browsing" and "InPrivate browsing" are two main and most important feature offered by IE 11 (Internet Explorer 11.0). "InPrivate browsing" is similar to the "Incognito browsing mode" offered by Google Chrome. Which made net surfing more secure on IE.

Download Internet Explorer latest version Standalone Offline Installer for Windows 7 and Windows 10 from the below link.

Comodo Dragon:
Comodo Dragon Web Browser Downoad
Comodo Dragon Web Browser
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Due to high-end security features, Comodo Dragon becomes one of the secure browsers among the users. It is based on Chromium source code (Chromium is an open source web browser project. With these codes, anybody can make their own version of chromium). 
Download Comodo Dragon latest version Standalone Offline Installer for Windows 7 and Windows 10 from the below link.

SeaMonkey Web Browser

SeaMonkey provides all our Internet needs in one application, such as Web-browsing, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feeds client, IRC chat, HTML editing etc. Seamonkey is a popular open source free internet browser. It is built using the source codes of Mozilla and therefore it supports most of the ad-ones compatible with Firefox.   SeaMonkey also has some very good features such as password manager, customizable toolbars, restore sessions etc. 

SeaMonkey is not only a web browser; it is also a WYSIWYG HTML editing software. It does allow us to build a web page without having so much knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. 

Download SeaMonkey latest version Standalone Offline Installer for Windows PC from the following link.


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