Download Google Chrome 2018 Latest Full Version Offline Installer

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 27 Mar 2018

You can download the Google Chrome Version 64.0 full version offline installer from the download links shared in this post. These links are fully official link to download Google Chrome standalone installer from the official site of Chrome as we do not host or store any software. We only share the information to help the visitors of this site.

You can download Chrome Latest Version (2019) here 

Google chrome is the most popular and widely used web browser with many advanced features. Recently, Google released the latest version of Chrome i.e. version 64.0 with some advanced features like a better pop-up blocker, HDR video support, mute audio permanently for website etc.

Here I am sharing the official download links of Google Chrome version 64.0.3. Download the Latest version of Google Chrome and enjoy the safe, secure and faster web browsing. 

Google Chrome 2018 Offline Installer
Google Chrome

Download your required version of Chrome for your computer from the following links or download the recently released version of Chrome (Version 71.0)

Download Google Chrome for Windows 64-bit (Version 72.0)
DOWNLOAD (Size: 54.5 MB)

Download Google Chrome for Windows 32-bit (Version 72.0)
DOWNLOAD (Size: 53.4 MB) 

Download Google Chrome for Mac OS x (Version 72.0)
DOWNLOAD (Size: 72.8 MB)


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