How to Make Highly Compressed RAR Files Using WinRar

Posted by Free Files 365 on: 2 Sep 2018

If you want to make any highly compressed RAR file or any other archive format to send your files over the internet or store your files, then the WinRar is one of the best choices for file compression. WinRar is a very reliable software used to make a highly compressed archive and decompressed almost any archives. 

What is file compression?

File compression is a method to compress data in a computer or other such type of device, in which the logical size of a file is reduced using a "file compression software" to save disk space for store our files,  creating backup of our files and for easier, faster and secure transmission over a network or the Internet. 

How to compress or highly compress files using WinRar?

Highly compress files using WinRar
Highly Compressed File Using WinRar

WinRar is one of the best compression software which allows us to compress many files together and keep them into one file as an archive. Also, the archive is much smaller compared to the combined size of the original files. But, files like video, JPEG and some other file cannot be compressed much more than their original size. 

Compressing files using WinRar is very simple and easy. Here is the step by step guide to highly compress files using WinRar:

First download WinRar from the below link:

After download, double-click on the setup file and RUN the installation wizard. And then follow the onscreen instructions to install Win and at the end finish the installation process.

To compress files using WinRAR, first select the files and folders which you want to compress and right click on the selected items. Then select the option "Add to archive" from the context menu or pop-up menu. (Shown in the first picture)

how to make a highly Compressed file with WinRAR
How to make highly compressed files with WinRAR
Then choose a file name for your archive with a .RAR extension under General Tab. Now select  RAR under Archive Format option. Then select the Compression Method BEST as shown in the 2nd picture. Now select the options Create solid archives and Lock archive by marking on those small boxes. 

highly compressed files with WinRAR step by step
How to highly compress files using WinRAR step by step
Now click on the Advanced tab and click on Compression(On the left side).

ow to make highly compressed zip rar file
How to compress files using WinRAR step by step

Under this "Advanced compression parameters" screen, select all Auto options under Text, Audio and True color compression and then set Prediction order to 63 and set Memory to use, MB to 128 (Plz select all three tick boxes by tick mark if they are not already selected). And then press OK to exit this screen.

how to compress 200 mb to 20 mb using winrar
How to compress files using WinRAR step by step

Now press OK. That's all and the rest will be done by itself. Now, wait to finish the compression process. 
That's all. thank for reading and enjoy.

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